REAL ID – What You Need to Know to Renew Your License

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Are you unable to renew your license because of an unknown or forgotten warrant in Massachusetts? Changes to the federal REAL ID Act are likely the reason.  Come fall 2020, everyone traveling in the U.S. will be required to present a Real ID-compliant license (or another acceptable form of identification such as a U.S. passport) to board a domestic flight. 

The law has changed how states issue driver’s licenses and identification cards, requiring residents to present more documents than were previously required to prove their identity and legal residency. States may also check in-state and out-of-state warrants during this process. 

Ashley has successfully cleared warrants for-out-of-state residents who have old warrants in Massachusetts, without clients having to endure the cost and time of travel to the Commonwealth. Call Ashley now to discuss your options.

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