How Does Police Body Camera Footage Affect My OUI Case?

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The use of police body cameras has been a highly discussed topic in the United States for the past few years. The growing trend is for state and local police departments to be outfitted with these devices.

In Massachusetts, the state police have recently been outfitted with body cameras and are required to use the cameras during traffic stops. A growing number of cities and towns are also outfitting their officers with these devices as well.

These cameras can greatly impact the prosecution of an OUI offense.

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What Is a Police Body Camera?

A police body camera is a small recording device worn on or near an officer’s lapel. Police officers wear body cameras that record their interactions with suspects. The video and audio provide clear and transparent evidence. Body camera footage also serves to deter police misconduct and helps protect the community.

What Does a Police Body Camera See?

A police body camera is designed to capture an entire interaction between a police officer and a suspect. There are video and audio components of the interaction. The technology has developed steadily since police forces began to use them around 2014.

An officer wears the camera on their chest and is trained to turn it on when they approach a suspect or pulls a car over in traffic. If you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the police body camera will likely capture slurred speech and unsteady movements during a field sobriety test.

How Can Police Body Camera Footage Affect My OUI Case?

The state police in Massachusetts make a majority of arrests for OUI. Prior to them being outfitted with body cameras a typical trial would consist of their poor memory of events as set forth in a short police report narrative.

Now, with body camera evidence, the entire incident from an initial traffic infraction, through the performance of Field Sobriety Testing is preserved for a jury to view. The way you look on this video will now be the difference between whether you take your case to trial or whether you take a plea. While the signs of intoxication may have been difficult for officers to testify to, we all know what it looks like when someone is intoxicated. If you are slurring your words and falling down, it will be difficult to convince a jury that you are not guilty. Conversely, if your speech is normal and fail Field Sobriety Testing because you have a knee injury, this footage will be powerful evidence of your innocence.

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