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Domestic Violence refers to criminal acts that occur between individuals with familial, domestic or romantic relations. Domestic relationships include dating relationships, spousal relationships, parent-child, etc. Domestic relationships also exist among parties to engagement, cohabitation or residing at the same address or under the same roof, former partners with children in common, domestic partnerships and other similar relationships.

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Common domestic violence charges include:


Bail/Release Conditions for those Facing Domestic Violence Charges

If you have been arrested for a Domestic Violence offense, the Commonwealth may request bail or may move for a 58A or “dangerousness” hearing to hold you without bail. This is likely to happen if you have a prior record of similar charges, convictions for assaultive charges, or if there are aggravating circumstances such as the alleged victim is pregnant or required medical attention. Ashley knows which factors are important to prove at these hearings in order for clients to keep their liberty while preparing for trial.

Sentencing and Other Consequences for Domestic Violence Charges

Sentencing varies depending on whether you are being prosecuted in district or superior court, as well as your prior criminal record. Almost all domestic violence sentences involving a term of probation include the completion of the Certified Batterers Intervention program. This is an intensive course which spans several months. The Court may also order that you not abuse or have no contact with the alleged victim, and/or seek substance abuse treatment if alcohol or drugs contributed to the alleged altercation.

Being convicted of a domestic violence offense may also have adverse consequences to your housing, schooling, employment, and custody of your children.

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