Juvenile Defense

Juvenile Defense

When individuals under 18 are charged with a crime in MA, they are prosecuted in the juvenile justice system, which is separate from the adult justice system. If your child has been charged with a juvenile offense in MA, you should retain experienced counsel right away, as the results of the juvenile proceeding can have additional consequences. For example, your child’s school may seek to suspend or expel your child based on a juvenile charge.  Children may also be prosecuted at a Youthful Offender, and be subject to state prison time for certain charges.

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Your child needs the representation of experienced counsel who knows the juvenile courts. Ashley will fight for your child’s charges to be diverted or dismissed. Should the case proceed, Ashley will evaluate any basis to move to dismiss the charge(s), move to suppress key evidence, and/or fight for your child’s exoneration at trial.

Ashley handles all juvenile charges.

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