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If you learn that you have an active arrest warrant or default warrant in MA, you should never walk into the police station or court without any attorney. Depending on the time of day, the police – or even the court – may not process you until the court is closed, which could result in you being held overnight.

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While a warrant should not be ignored, you should have experienced counsel to represent you when you walk into court, who is familiar with your case and is prepared to make an immediate bail argument, if bail is requested by the prosecutor’s office.

While you are in warrant status, the RMV will suspend your license, making you a target for police officers on the road. Judges often look favorably on those who voluntarily seek to clear their warrant, and conversely, often impose higher bail on those who are brought in to Court by police. Call McCormack Law now if you need assistance clearing a warrant.

REAL ID Act – Are you unable to renew your license because of an unknown or forgotten warrant in Massachusetts? Ashley has successfully cleared warrants for-out-of- state residents who have old warrants in Massachusetts, without clients having to endure the cost and time of travel to the Commonwealth. Call Ashley now to discuss your options.

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