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Under Massachusetts law, those who own or manage commercial and residential property, such as grocery stores, restaurants, etc., have a duty to ensure their buildings and land do not pose unreasonable risks of harm to the safety of visitors or guests. Massachusetts law also requires these entities to warn against hazards on their property which they knew or reasonably should have known about.  If they fail to do so and you are injured as a result, you may be entitled to compensation for their negligence.

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“Negligence” refers to a person or entity’s failure to take proper care. For example, a store owner may be negligent if they do not warn visitors of a large hole created by construction, by placing signs or warning tape around the hole, and then someone falls in. Or a hotel could be negligent if they do not put up warning signs during winter or rainy weather, when they know or should know that these conditions cause the lobby floor to become slippery, causing someone to fall.

Other examples of potential claims include accidents caused by:

  • Damaged walkways
  • Snow and ice
  • Falling objects
  • Poor security
  • Unstable floors

If you have been injured due to a land or building owner’s negligence, you should contact McCormack Law right away to start building your case.  We can build strong cases by immediately photographing the scene, preserving other relevant evidence, obtaining your medical records and determining whether other individuals have been injured in the same location or whether others have previously complained of the condition at that location which caused your injuries. Call today to get started.

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